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Smart home wiring - home entertainment - network wiring - home networking

Smart home wiring

Smart home wiring - network wiring - home networking - wiring for home entertainment

With smart home wiring in place, the future is your oyster

Smart home wiring in your new or renovated house opens up a whole new world. It's a future-proof platform that gives you peace of mind knowing you can get the benefits of new technology later as required:

  • Home theatre and multi-room audio/ video
  • Home networking of computers and phone
  • Home automation - security, lighting, and entertainment

You can extend music, video (TV, VCR, DVD, CCTV), computer files, or telephone services anywhere around your home - even outside.

No more ugly boxes and wires everywhere

Smart home wiring enables your home to be lived and entertained in - not cluttered with technology. All you need is a small cupboard to house the main equipment hub and all the wiring is run through the walls, floor, or ceiling - out of sight.

Home networking

Networking your home computer equipment means you can efficiently share servers, printers, scanners, and internet access. With network wiring in your home, you can extend this to just about anywhere in the house. The addition of wireless access points offers even more flexibility.

Changes are easy

Once in place, your smart home wiring makes moves, adds, and changes a breeze. No more retro-fitting or running new cables every time you want to do something.

Economic on the long term

Investing in smart home wiring now can set you up for decades ahead. The cost can be as little as one percent of your total building expenses.

The earlier you do it, the better. With your house in the planning stage, or gutted for renovation, you have the best opportunity. The walls are open and easily accessible for cabling so you have total flexibility to create the system you want, saving you time and money.

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Smart home wiring - home entertainment - network wiring - home networking

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