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Security systems - home security alarms - cctv security cameras - intercoms

Security systems

Security systems - home security alarms - cctv security cameras - keyless entries - keyless locks - intercom systems

Secure in your own home?

Burglary statistics have risen sharply in the last 10 years. Traditional home security alarms are no longer effective. Alarm company call-outs and police response are too slow to catch increasingly brazen thieves.

Advanced business and home security alarms

We offer intrusion detection right from the perimeter of your property through to doors, windows, and hallways. If you're home when burglars strike, you can hit a panic button to trigger some pre-defined action like calling neighbours.

Security cameras take business or home security to another level

The addition of CCTV (surveillance) cameras to a home security alarm system offers much higher protection. It can give clues about thieves' identity to Police. Just the sight of security cameras often deters them.

See what's happening at home from anywhere in the world!

Our home security systems can text or phone you or your neighbours when you're away. Then you can log into the internet from anywhere and view your security cameras to see what's going on and take action.

Keyless entry and intercom systems

No need to carry keys around or lock yourself out of the house again. Just enter your pin on the keypad, or wave a key ring over a sensor and you're in. Should visitors turn up out of the blue, they need only announce themselves on the intercom, and you can let them in straight away by the push of a button. We can organise keyless locks and wireless intercom to make this all possible.

Talk to us about a business or home security system.

Security systems - home security alarms - cctv security cameras - intercoms

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