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Multi-room audio systems, video, whole-house audio systems

Multiroom audio and video

Whole house audio systems - multi room audio and video

Everyone's happy in their own 'zone'

Does it upset your household if someone turns the stereo up so they can hear it outside? Do they argue about what music to play? With a multi-room system, people can have the music they want, where they want, without disturbing others.

Imagine enjoying a beer with your friends as you prepare the bar-b with some Simon & Garfunkel in the background, while your partner works on the pav in the kitchen as she catches up with the news, whilst the teenagers are hip-hopping with their mates in the rumpus room.

Music or video from any source

A multi-room media system can deliver music from radio, CD, DVD, internet, or iPod. You can choose the music by genre, album, artist, or radio station from anywhere in the whole house. You can watch satellite TV or DVD anywhere in the house - and change channels at the touch of a button.

Discreet speakers to suit every environment - indoors or outdoors

Whole-house audio systems have a range of unobtrusive or hidden speakers for any area - including in-wall, in-ceiling, or outdoor 'rock' speakers. Some speakers even have paintable front grilles so you can colour-match them with their surroundings.

Extending your existing stereo to make whole-house audio

You don't have to splash out on a completely new system on day one. We can utilise your present stereo system and add new equipment as required to expand to a whole-house audio and video system.

Talk to us about a multi-room audio or video system for your home.

Multi-room audio systems, video, whole-house audio systems

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