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Home theatre systems - home theatre setup - training - support

Home theatre

Home theatre systems - home theatre setup - training - support

Enjoy the large-as-life sensory experience

Home theatre brings the magic and excitement of big screen cinema and surround sound. Imagine…

You're right in the middle of the battlefield, heart pounding. You can hear the dull roar of the red mass approaching you - the Romans. You hear soldiers on your left barking out orders. Then suddenly a scout comes galloping from behind you and heads over the hill on your right…

Let loose - have fun with your family or friends

Get carried away in the moment - laugh or cry, boo or cheer - all in the comfort and intimacy of your own home. Home theatre can also be great for your children and their friends for entertainment, education, or games.

A screen as big as your entire wall if you wish

With a multi-media projector, your screen can be as large as you like - up to the size of your wall.

Blending into your décor

We'll custom-design your home theatre system to blend seamlessly into your home environment. We have a range of in-wall speakers, in-ceiling projectors, and recessed or wall-mounted screens.

Home theatre costs you less than you might expect

You might be surprised at how cost-effectively we can bring the home theatre experience to you, with careful and smart choice of equipment.

Talk to us about a home theatre for you.

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"Though he's up on the latest technology, he didn't over-sell to us."

"Our friends think our home theatre is marvellous and they all want one! 'Who set this up?' they ask."

"Peter's knowledge is amazing and his advice is so helpful. He'll do anything to keep us happy."

"He made the best of a messy situation and ended up with superb results."

"He was the best contractor on the whole building project and I just wish we’d got him in at the start."